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Monday, October 15, 2012

HOT bait; Rio Rico Klicka Shad

Photo by WON Bass editor Bradley Schweit
Once again, leading the WON Bass tournament at Lake Mead the 1st day with 12.31 lbs.  I was unable to get any big bites the 2nd day I would up weighing 7.5 lbs coming in 6th place.

I threw Rio Rico Klicka Shad color 75% of the time. I had big fish in the tournament 4.97 lbs on a Klicka Shad.  Caught a few drop shot fish on Folkestad Special during the middle of the day but they were small.  Rio Rico produced about 12 keepers a day.  Fishing was actually real good. You just need the big bites to win, but I was happy it was a great tournament and the weather was good.  Everything went smooth I didn't loose any fish.  Lake Mead is loaded with a lot of 8-11" fish.  Next year they should be keeper should be really good.  Hopefully the stripers won't eat up all those juvenile bass.

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