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Monday, November 8, 2010

The OK corral at the Delta between Mike Folkestad and Paul Bailey

Fishing overall was pretty tough during practice at the Delta.

The first day, my AAA partner was Matt Devlin. At the end of day 1, Matt and I thought we had pretty good weight with 13.54 lbs until Paul Bailey weighed in with 16 lbs. I have been chasing Paul all year long for Angler of the Year.

Day two, I drew Corey Vasquez, from Tulare Calif. We ran to the area where I caught 13.54 in day one. It was pretty slow, we left at 11:00 with two keepers. We ran south and wound up catching about 9 keepers, bringing the day's total to 9.74.

After weighing in I was waiting around to see what Bailey was going to weigh. The word was that he only had 4 fish. Paul came to the scales, he puts three little rats into the basket. His fourth fish that he pulled out was 6.5 lbs, which was big fish for day two, giving him a total of 28 lbs. Good enough for 7th place. Once again proving he is the man.

I ended up in 12th place with 23.38 lbs.

Photo left: TC Sport Report interview with AOY Paul Bailey

Both Matt and Corey caught their share of keepers and I want to thank them for trying to help me get Angler of the Year and try to win a Nitro boat.

It was impossible to catch Paul Bailey, he did an awesome job winning the Nitro boat and Angler of the Year. Congratulations Paul! You're the man!

Congratulations to the Pro winner Lorenzo Rossetti who won with a 2 day total of 42.17 and congrats to the AAA winner John Hagins whose total was 32.59.

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