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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lost In The Wind.....

I was lost in the wind.  The pre fish started off great, I was on a good solid pattern for the first three days of practice.  It just got weak for the next four days.  I started to change it up with spinnerbaits, topwater, carolina rig, split shot, and jigs.  I fished shallow down to 50' deep and nothing seemed to be working for me.  When the tournament started I was lost in the wind.  So I when the tournament started I just went drop shotting on points scratching out a limit each day, coming in 42nd place.

I just want to congratulate my good friend Chris Ricci on his win, he did a great job.  He changed it up from the back of the boat and put in key fish in the boat each day.

Check out the TC Sports Report Video from the US Open below: