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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Revenge at the Delta...

Since my poor finish at the WON Bass tourney,  I decided to get off the couch...

Just fished the FLW Everstart tournament and the California Delta.  Had a great practice catching numbers of smaller fish, it was a lot of fun catching 1 or 2 fish a day 5 lbs or more.  I knew it would take at least 40 lbs per day to qualify for the top 10 cut.  During practice the fish wanted a 4 1/2" Folkestad Special, a 5" Senko and a few chatterbait fish.

Lesson #1 learned from practice:  In order to catch 20 lbs per day I decided to use a 6" Senko, wacky rigged and weightless when possible instead of nail rigged.  Consequently the number of bites I got per day were way down during the tournament, but the bites I got were quality allowing me to weigh in 40.05 oz for two days.  This allowed me to qualify for the cut and fish the 3rd day.  When I needed a keeper fish I would fish a 4 1/2" Folkestad Special which would give me a quick limit allowing me to comfortably fish the 6" Senko to get the quality bites I needed to make the top 10 cut.

Lesson #2:  The 3rd day fishing the cut, the winds were 25-35 mph out of the south.  With fighting the wind and rain all day, and getting cold, it's easy to have a tenancy to get a little lazy because every time I stop to do something the wind would blow me 100 yards away.  The big mistake I made was not checking and retying my line like normal throughout the day.  I got lazy and it cost me when I broke off two GIANTS!

Without these two mistakes, I had a chance at a FLW win. Lesson learned, don't get lazy regardless of the elements!

I ended up coming in 7th place winning $5,215