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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Phenomenal Fishing at Lake Irvine!

WON Bass editor Bradley Schweit with a 8+ lber!
Met up with WON Bass editor Bradley Schweit at Lake Irvine to film for an episode of Fish'n 4 FUN TV Show.

The weather was clear the water was really calm, we weren't to sure if the big ones would coperate but the morning  bite produced a 2 lber here and there, and it wasn't long until the the nice quite day turned out to be a phenomenal day with some hoot'n and holler'n!  

8 lber caught on a Folkestad Special
The day couldn't have gone any better.  We caught about 20 fish total and we each caught an 8-9 lber.  Both of the monsters were caught on the Folkestad Special fishing it on a drop shot around the grass.

The  fish I brought in was completely covered in grass, you couldn't even see the fish...we had to remove a lot of the grass just to get the picture! 

 FYI....If you ever make it over to southern California to fish Lake Irvine, make sure you stop by the restaurant there...they make the BEST hamburgers!

Monday, October 15, 2012

HOT bait; Rio Rico Klicka Shad

Photo by WON Bass editor Bradley Schweit
Once again, leading the WON Bass tournament at Lake Mead the 1st day with 12.31 lbs.  I was unable to get any big bites the 2nd day I would up weighing 7.5 lbs coming in 6th place.

I threw Rio Rico Klicka Shad color 75% of the time. I had big fish in the tournament 4.97 lbs on a Klicka Shad.  Caught a few drop shot fish on Folkestad Special during the middle of the day but they were small.  Rio Rico produced about 12 keepers a day.  Fishing was actually real good. You just need the big bites to win, but I was happy it was a great tournament and the weather was good.  Everything went smooth I didn't loose any fish.  Lake Mead is loaded with a lot of 8-11" fish.  Next year they should be keeper should be really good.  Hopefully the stripers won't eat up all those juvenile bass.