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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

What is the Rev Rig?

Chris Ricci showed this technique to me. It definitely works. It's named after our friend Pastor Tony Byrd...A.K.A. "The Rev".

On my way back from the Delta earlier this year, I stopped at my good friend's house, John Zillig. We tested it out using a nail weight, a round split shot, and a clam shot. There are some subtle differences for sure.

Since then I've noticed there are times when those differences are a reflection on the amount of fish being caught.

Check out the video....


Helo - MD said...


I have seen this used but have never used it myself. I have used a small washer threaded through the hook to the eye. This makes the Senko fall evenly and more natural. Great technique and very well desribed. Thanks Chris and Mike.

Gary Freeman

Chris Ricci said...

Thanks for your help "MASTER" for dailing it in.