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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Fishing Report of the FLW National Guard - Delta, CA

Sept 2009

I haven't been to the Delta since May, and to my surprise it is loaded with grass. In Franks Track the grass makes it look beautiful but it is like a mortuary - there is hardly any fish. So I ventured out practicing as far south as Bullfrog and as far north as the San Joaquin. For three days I had a tough time locating any fish over 1.5 lbs. On the fourth day, I located a bank about 1,000 yards, stretch that had 4-5 lb fish that were adjacent to deep water. I was catching them on Senkos and big worms. (see "How did I catch 'm" page).

When the tournament started I went to the 1,000 yard stretch twice a day, at different tides, for 3 days never getting a bite. How discouraging! Consequently I had to bounce around and scratch out a limit the next two days.

On the 3rd day of the tournament, I found another area of tules with deep water and wound up with a decent limit weighing 17.7 lbs. That moved me up to 32nd place and within 1.5 lbs of a$8,000 check. So I left with my tail between my legs, licking my wounds, wondering what I could have done to catch 1.5 lbs more. It always seems to be just 1 fish short.

Congratulations to Rusty Salewske, and JR Wright on your wins!

Also congratulations to my 3rd day Co-angler, Mike Iloski.

Great job guys!

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