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Sunday, May 2, 2010

FLW Stren Championships - Pickwick Lake in Florence AL

November 2009

During pre fish I kept my drop shot rod in the locker and fished mostly reaction, spinner baits, swim baits, and jerk baits. I managed to find a good reaction pattern where I felt I could catch 12 lbs a day, maybe if I'm lucky 15 lbs.

When the tournament started my reaction pattern seemed to go slowly south, I wasn't feeling it. My Co-angler Larry Church had me down 7 to 0 fishing behind me. I finally said "Okay, that's it!" I sat down and rigged a senko proceeding to catch 6 keepers in a row. In the afternoon I caught a couple spinner bait fish weighing in a total of 10 lbs 12 oz.

Day two, I started off fishing the senko and wound up catching two fish by 1:30. It just wasn't happening. I tried some reaction and it wasn't happening either. So what do you know, I had to pull out my drop shot rod and proceeded to catch 10 keepers. I ended up weighing in a total of 10 lbs 4 oz. barely squeaking out a check for 49th place and going home with a check for $2500. Once again drop shot saved me.

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